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Anchoring Clinical Research in Belgium

Belgium has a long history of excellent clinical research addressing a wide range of therapeutic domains thanks to a unique health ecosystem, the quality of the clinical centres and the real-life expertise of investigators. 

Clinical research also refers to a multistakeholder landscape in which tracing its path can be a challenging task, in particular for SMEs willing to bring their health innovations ultimately to the patients. Areas of concern are effective implementation and conduct of clinical trials, as well as the timely recruitment of patients next to the structural funding of clinical research in hospitals.

As an output of a task force and to answer many of the questions life sciences SMEs are facing, BioWin and flanders.bio have jointly decided to organise for you this conference on clinical research in Belgium. 

An interactive day where key players and stakeholders will present the different driving forces in the Belgian clinical research ecosystem and the latest changes in the regulatory framework next to practical information and solutions. Financing aspects, patient involvement/recruitment and digitalisation will also be addressed in dedicated sessions along with testimonies of SMEs. 
Confirmed presence of FAMPH, Pharma.be, beMedTech, and BeCRO.